Managing the wellbeing needs of a multigenerational workforce

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Are you taking a multigenerational approach to employee wellbeing?

Promoting health and wellbeing at work not only improves productivity and company performance, but it also helps employees feel valued.

As the demographics of the typical UK workforce are changing, companies will often see five different generations working side by side, all with different health and wellbeing needs. The most successful wellbeing strategies are those that understand and acknowledge the specific needs and preferences of each generation.

Download this guide to discover more about how to create an age-inclusive wellbeing offering.

What you’ll learn:

  • Information about all five generations’ characteristics, concerns and needs – from the Silent Generation (age 72+) right through to Generation Z (age 18-22)
  • Examples of physical, financial and emotional initiatives to meet the five generations’ specific needs
  • How to develop a multigenerational strategy

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