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7 Qualities of an efficient Human Resource Manager

21st Dec 2017
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Human resource department is the most critical department of an organization.  They are responsible to keep employees motivated and energized to achieve organization’s goal. They also act as a mediator between management and staff,  they need to maintain balance the interests of both the sides. Some people believe that any organization’s culture is owned by human resource department.

But it needs a lot of qualities to be a successful HR Manager. Let's have a look at some of the qualities that any HR Manager must possess.

  • Learn to differentiate between personal and professional life:  Good HR Manager must understand to differentiate between their personal and professional life. The reason why it's important to keep your personal an professional life apart is that in HR you are never out of problems. On one hand, you have to deal with management concerns, while on the other hand, you need to listen to employees concerns as well. Being a mediator between two is never easy. At times employees come up with their personal problems as well and you need to lend your ears to all of them.
  • Good interpersonal skills:  If you do not possess good interpersonal skills,  you can never be a good HR Manager. You need to interact with lots of people every day.Most of the day may get exhausted in taking interviews, attending meetings, listen to employees concerns but you can not look exhausted while interacting.You need to be a people’s person who is always ready to address any concern.
  • Knowledge of Legal affairs:  Good HR manager must possess a proper knowledge of all legal formalities required.  At times you need to take such decisions on the spot which may have legal consequences later on like firing someone.  You must be aware of the consequences along with the solution of the same. Not all for decision making but otherwise also there is n number of laws these days which needs to be applied and one must be equipped with all sort of information regarding the same.
  • Multi-Tasking alongside people management: Good HR manager is not the one who offers training and recruits employees. One needs to be multi-tasking to take care of many things that are the need of the hour. You should be prepared for everything that comes in your way. It's not only your subordinates which you need to manage, in fact,  you must possess skills that can help you to manage the entire organization.
  • Good at calculations & fringe benefits:  When you decide to opt for HR Manager as a profession, you must have thought you need not worry about calculations anymore, but, it's not true. You need to be very good at calculations as you will be dealing with lots of compliance work. You will be determining employees’ salaries, job positioning, and will be giving turnover reports to management.  Apart from giving salaries to employees, every employer must have some fringe benefits to offer to keep employees motivated. Benefits like health insurance keep your employees motivated and loyal to the company.  HR Managers play a key role in providing such benefits to employees.
  • Knowledge of Recruitment & termination process:  The most obvious task of an HR manager is to recruit and fire people. You are not only responsible to hire a candidate for your company,  you will also be the first person which perspective candidate would meet. If you are responsible to hire people, you are also responsible to fire them as well. There may be various reasons for firing an employee but always keep that in mind that you are already doing something harsh to somebody but at least don't show it in your words.
  • Integrity:  Legally you are not forced to keep any information confidential but ethically you should. You have all the important information about the company and all the employees working there, and keeping it confidential shows your integrity towards the organization and people working over there.

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