Mobile case management system saves the equivalent of 13 NHS staff

19th Oct 2011

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has equipped community health staff with notebooks to save time by enabling them to access and update patient information wherever they are.

Some 370 district nurses and health visitors have been kitted out with machines running Civica's Paris case management software, saving them 8,300 hours over the last year. The time saved is equivalent to having an extra 13 workers available each day, the Health Board claims. Head of District Nursing Kay Jeynes: “The use of mobile working has freed up a huge amount of time for staff, that extra time is then being reinvested in patient care. Staff find it an incredibly useful resource and patients feel reassured that their care is being backed up by the latest technology.”  The mobile system means that nursing staff no longer have to drive back to the office to collect and update patient information. It will be rolled out to an additional 100 staff by the end of this year.   

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By David Evans
28th Nov 2012 13:54

This is great. This is exactly the kind of efficiency that technology should be bringing to people working in an organisation such as the NHS whose nurses have workloads that are very high. 


-- Dave Evans, commercial director at accessplanit, specialising in training administration software and learning management system.

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