Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Transparency, bias and the impact of Google on your career

26th Aug 2016
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- Technology never sleeps (The Future of Work is Human)

- Surprising ways music can affect work (Unum)

I ate lunch away from my desk for a week and was shocked by how it affected my productivity (Business Insider)


- Why company culture matters when recruiting (Undercover Recruiter)

- Is your Google identity helping or hurting your career? (Forbes)

- The talk about racial bias companies should be having (HBR)

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Software firm embraces ‘radical transparency’ with new HQ (Fortune)

- It's time we gave up the ghost on employee engagement (Fistful of Talent)

- Having a friend at work is harder than you think (Tim Sackett)


- How organizations have changed their performance reviews (Rajarshi Chakraborti, LinkedIn)

- How to speed up your feedback cycle before you lose employees (Fast Company)

- The jobs we'll lose to machines - and the ones we won't (TED)

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