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News: report reveals mismatched expectations between employers and young applicants

26th Apr 2013
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A mismatch exists between employers’ expectations of young people during the recruitment process and what young people think is expected of them. This is hindering the flow of younger workers into the labour market.

The CIPD report, entitled Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus, found the following were contributing to high levels of youth unemployment:

  • Employers saying they require ‘experience,’ creating a vicious cycle for young people who don’t have access to opportunities
  • A lack of feedback or encouragement is de-motivating young people
  • Opaque and length selection and recruitment processes prevent young people from understanding what employers want
  • Poor careers advice and guidance in schools, coupled with a lack of support for young people transitioning from education to work

On the flipside, employers were also suffering from poor-quality applications from desperate youngsters, who were firing off CVs in a scattergun approach.

Peter Cheese, CEO at the CIPD, said: This mismatch needs to be addressed, not only to reduce youth unemployment and the long-term impact it can have on young people, but also to ensure UK businesses are equipped with the right talent for the future.”


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By Richard Lane
21st May 2013 10:49

Research conducted in the US showed that young graduates are more concerned with what they can get from the employers, such as perks like company cars, smartphone or tablet; dental care or weekly in-office massages, rather than what they can do for the company.

Guess this must be one of the reasons youth unemployment is in a high over there.

Great article, thanks for sahring.

Richard Lane, director at durhamlane, specialising in sales training London and sales training South East.


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