The Workforce View 2020: Volume Two post-COVID-19

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At the end of 2019 and very early 2020, ADP surveyed over 32,000 workers in 17 countries around the world to explore workers’ feelings towards, opinions about, and experiences of a wide range of workplace issues. The findings were outlined in The Workforce View 2020 Volume One: pre-COVID-19 report.

Then the pandemic hit, triggering major changes to the world of work and altering the outlook for employers and employees alike. It was therefore important to revisit our research to gauge how attitudes have changed since then.

In May 2020, ADP surveyed over 11,000 workers in six of the countries, seeking their views on key questions in a post-COVID-19 world.

Here, in Volume Two, ADP present these findings and, comparing them against what respondents in the same geographies said in January 2020, provide a robust picture of worker sentiment immediately before and after the virus took hold.

The effects and implications of the pandemic are changing rapidly. New developments are emerging weekly — sometimes daily — and significant variations are occurring in different locations and industry sectors, or from company to company. Nevertheless, shining a spotlight on these issues, in these geographies, over these two snapshots in time, should provide vital insight to help employers support their workforce and thereby support their businesses through these challenging times.

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