18th Nov 2015

Talent 2020: What is the future talent landscape?

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What will the talent landscape look like in 2020?

There's no doubt the way you view - and hire talent - must change. But the nature of the change, that's the thing that's not clear.

In this hard-hitting report we bring together four very different views on what talent management will look like in 2020 from leading industry commentators and academics:

  • Mervyn Dinnen, Talent Acquisition Analyst
  • Doug Shaw, International Consultant
  • Dr Tom Calvard, Lecturer in Human Resource Management
  • Rob B Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of Bath

The report has been produced in association with Cornerstone OnDemand and tackles significant questions including:

  • Is our definition of talent too narrow or broad?
  • Are we continuing to recruit from the wrong areas?
  • Is talent itself a myth?

Download your report today and get educated on the next five years in talent management.

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