24th Jan 2023

Six steps to crafting a sustainable wellbeing solution

You’ve received the wellbeing messages. Now let’s help you create a sustainable end-to-end wellbeing solution that works for your business.
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This downloadable guide, crafted by Sodexo Engage, runs through the six essential steps to creating and implementing a wellbeing solution tailored to your business and your people.

Remember, the fastest route isn’t always the best – small, considered steps are key to a sustainable approach that will boost engagement and increase uptake of the benefits you introduce.

Download the guide for takeaways on how to help you make the right moves for long-term success. We’ve also thrown in some tips for mindful living and desk stretches for good measure!


Six steps to sustainable wellbeing:

  • Education and awareness
  • Support your case
  • Explore the market
  • Review your options
  • Secure business approval
  • Communicate launch

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