20th Sep 2022

Six absence and leave trends in 2022

Understanding absence trends at work is key. This ebook looks at the data and provides key steps leaders can take to best support their people.
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The world has changed a lot from Covid-19, and the impact of it is still being felt across workforces today.

Knowing and adapting to the changing absence trends is vital for not only positively engaging the workforce, but to also encourage productivity and retention, reduce absenteeism and perhaps most importantly of all - gain visibility of what is going on so we can improve the wellbeing of our people.

This ebook explores six absence and leave trends that have emerged in 2022, why it is critical to understand the reasons behind this, and how leaders can support employee wellbeing.

What you'll learn

  • Insight into reasons for absence
  • The impact of mental health and how companies can support their people
  • Understanding absence and leave trends to create positive change
  • Key ways to recognise and prevent burnout
  • Case study on how IATA became an absence-trailblazer

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