10th Jan 2022

Leading through change - the big leadership challenge

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Demands on leadership have never been greater.

Against a backdrop of digitisation, disruption and globalisation (and an unexpected global pandemic), there has been a gear shift in the demand on leaders to do three things:

  1. To lead and deliver fast paced change, whilst trying to prevent burnout
  2. To keep people engaged and motivated, whilst focusing on performance
  3. To build resilience, whilst trying to enable employees to flourish through uncertain times

The first big job of leadership is to set direction and tone. The challenge is that leaders themselves can also be struggling.

With change leadership there are five critical factors – each of them essential for leaders to create resilience and an environment where people feel good about change.

These are explained in this short playbook, which covers how to land change effectively to help leaders continue building organisations where people can thrive.

Download the playbook to find out more.

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