22nd Mar 2022

How HR can transform pay

Discover the best place to start on your payroll transformation journey.
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Back office operations designed for the ‘old normal’, and not deemed worthy of transformation in better times, came under the spotlight during the Covid-19 pandemic and were found wanting. Pay was perhaps the highest risk of all of these.

Now is the time for HR and Finance leaders to tackle the previously overlooked area of payroll. But where is the best place to start on your payroll transformation journey?

In this eBook, brought to you by ADP, discover how to connect Pay and HR together to create meaningful impact, reduce system complexity and drive efficiency.

You will learn:

  • The strategic benefits payroll modernisation brings to both HR and finance teams
  • How to create a more transparent system with accurate payroll data
  • The ways in which an updated payroll system can be truly agile in times of change

Download the report today for insights on unlocking the power of payroll, future-proofing your business and thriving in the new low-touch economy.


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