4th Oct 2022

Confronting culture blindspots with behavioural science

Perry Timms of PTHR explores how culture blindspots can occur, their impact on employee experience and how behavioural science is key in overcoming them.
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Experimentation is key in tackling culture blindspots.

Best practices vary across company cultures, so it is essential for leaders to understand how to implement and sustain positive and lasting change.

That's where behavioural science plays a critical role – the focus of this report.

Written by Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer and Founder of People and Transformational HR, and brought to you by HRZone in association with Culture Amp, this report explains why behavioural science is our most potent tool in understanding and shaping human behaviour to positively impact organisational culture.

By creating a foundation of experimentation, leaders can use behavioural science to better understand their people and bring effective change to their organisation.

Download to learn:

  • How culture blindspots occur in organisations
  • Their impact on purpose, operations and sustainable success
  • The division, confusion, uncertainty and behavioural issues culture blindspots can create
  • How to use behavioural science to successfully overcome any culture blindspots

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