A practical guide to modern, people-centric HR

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A new people-centric, digital and social era of HR

What is modern HR? The human resources industry is experiencing a significant shift. There is a move away from administrative minutiae, as HR managers assume the role of a key player in the support and execution of overall business strategy. No longer a side-lined function, modern HR is an indispensable business partner in a shapeshifting workplace.

This guide presents a modern way of approaching HR that befits the challenges being posed upon it - and adept enough to embrace the opportunities.

With more than 70 years in the payroll business and 15 years providing cloud-based HR services and solutions to multinational businesses, at ADP we have a pretty good idea of what can make the working lives of HR leaders easier and support the intelligent alignment of the department with other teams and the wider business objectives at stake.

Download this guide to learn the six practical steps towards achieving modern HR.

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