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The Couch?! Gets into the festival spirit

4th Jul 2005
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Festival season is well and truly underway and inspired by a recent outing to Glastonbury, (or mudstock as we now refer to it) this week The Couch?! gets into the spirit of the summer by addressing the issues surrounding festivals.

Are you still recovering from a recent festival visit? How was it for you? Or are your festivals days over? Have you ever been to a festival and in the chaos of getting ready forgotten your tent? Are you over the hill when it comes to festivals but still insisting on going ever year despite your friends/colleagues teasing.

Top ten festival hates
1. Mud mud mud and more mud!
2. Flooding – everything you own is dripping wet!
3. The glamour that is the portal
4. Queuing to get in, queuing to get out, queuing for the toilet, queuing for the sink, queuing for everything!
5. Crazy tent neighbours deciding they are an experienced fire torch juggler
6. Forgetting essential items such as toilet rolls or even your tent
7. People wearing ballerina tutus, angel wings or devils horns who walk around with a glint in their eye (probably thinking to themselves that they are really cool and dress really alternatively)
8. Getting home after the event and realizing the headband you have attached to your head makes you look like a complete idiot! What were you thinking?
9. Nasty greasy expensive fast food that you have to queue for ages for which in turn makes you queue for the toilet for ages
10. Oh and the five day s it now takes you to recover from such an event

So come on, let's hear about your amusing festival anecdotes. What are your pet hates about festivals? Let the rest of the community know your stories.

Dawn-Marie Dart

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