Member wire #89 - HR to staff ratios

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HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 89
8 March 2005

1. The compliance burden - is it really all that bad?
2. Opinion: The case for referral schemes
3. The Couch!? asks, do you need an extreme makeover?
4. HDIGH? Talent and Resourcing Consultant, Selfridges & Co
5. Any Answers: HR to staff ratios, I&C, getting into HR

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IRS Employment Review: Performing the pay gamble

Getting Childcare Right?

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Editor's note
The chicken and egg debate is an age old deliberation of form
and function. Did the egg determine the chicken or did the
chicken determine the egg?

Any Answers member Michelle tested the old grey cells when she
asked, "How many HR to staff should there be?"

According to Jane Coope the answer isn't a simple 1 to a 100. HR
she says should abandon the ratio and determine what value HR
professionals are contributing to the organisation.

What's your view? Does the value HR brings justify the number of
HR staff or does the number of staff dictate the HR headcount?

Have your say at:


Annie Hayes

mailto:[email protected]

IRS Employment Review: Performing the pay gamble
Merit-based pay rewards staff for performance, triggers
motivation and may help to control wage costs. Few
organisations, however, recognise the link between pay and
performance. See our latest round-up of pay rewards and examine
the benefits and pitfalls of paying for performance.
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Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

The British Horseracing Board; The Ceres Partnership; Marconi;
Devon County Council; BUPA; Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development; Whistlebrook Limited; JLL; GSK; Sykes Anderson LLP;
Grapevine HR; Aon Consulting Limited; i2 Technologies; AWD
Consulting; Skills Evolution Ltd; Nestle; London Business
School; Westby HR Consulting; Portman Building Society; Croner;
Lansdowne; The North British Distillery Co; Alderwoods Group

Getting Childcare Right?
Improved childcare for working parents is a big part of the
election pledge of all political parties, yet companies big
and small are still missing out & failing to recruit and retain
key workers. Want to know all the answers - then see this
month's in depth article.

Editor's Choice

The compliance burden - is it really all that bad?
It's a truism that small businesses, are struggling under the
weight of government-generated bureaucracy. On a regular basis,
opposition parties and business bodies complain about the
"burden of compliance", and blame the Blair Government for its
existence; Tom Blass Editor of sister site BusinessZone presents
his views.

Opinion: The case for referral schemes
Recruitment concerns are likely to be exacerbated as economic
growth squeezes HR efforts between the need to recruit more
staff to handle the boom as well as the imperative to retain
those staff who might be tempted away by the increasing numbers
of attractive opportunities elsewhere.

The NLP Toolbox for Coaches
Sarah Frossell of HumanTechnics gives her view on what the NLP
model brings to executive coaching, and suggests there is always
more for us to learn.

Save thousands with better health and safety
Thanks to a few cost-effective health and safety steps your
business can profit from substantial savings. To find out how
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Top news stories

Alan Sugar's 'The Apprentice' sparks leadership debate
BBC Two's reality TV hit, 'The Apprentice' in which fourteen
hopefuls fight it out to become the six-figure protege of the
AMSTRAD chief has triggered debate on what characteristics make
the best leaders.

How the 2002 FIFA World Cup scored with HR software
Broadcasting 64 football matches in 31 days from 20 stadiums is
a fair task; Tony Palmer of the Maple Partnership told delegates
at the Softworld HR & Payroll conference how he ensured
un-interrupted viewing by having the right people in the right
place, at the right time.

Baby joy costs working parents 52k
The audit published this week by Pregnancy & Birth magazine
estimates the cost of a first baby to be a whopping 52,000
pounds from the moment of conception up to the child's fifth

Yawning European pay gap closes in
According to a report published by the Federation of European
Employers (FedEE) the pay gap across Europe is narrowing.

Human capital dismissed under OFR guidelines
The draft Reporting Standard for operating and financial reviews
currently being consulted upon by the Accounting Standards Board
are missing the opportunity to improve UK productivity and
competitiveness according to the CIPD.

Do you find it difficult recruiting quality staff?
HRZone has teamed up with AccountingWeb & TrainingZone to offer
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The Couch!? asks, do you need an extreme makeover?
Are you an HR stereotype? Do you holiday in Morocco and get your
suits at M&S?!

HDIGH? Talent and Resourcing Consultant, Selfridges & Co
Victoria Hayden describes the moment of 'enlightenment' when she
realised that a career in retail management wasn't for her and
how her new role in HR involves large-scale recruitment.

Any Answers
Any Answers is the place to go to share your professional
experiences with others. A selection of new Any Answers
questions posted this week:

Paul Strange looks for examples of recently established
information and consultation processes:

How do you get into HR? Asks trainer Elizabeth Caro:

Nadine Maggi seeks some pointers on embedding values and culture
following a business merger:

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