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HR Zone Members Newswire #122 IVF treatment - is it sick leave?

25th Oct 2005
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HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 122
25 October 2005

1. IVF treatment: Sick leave or holiday absence?
2. The Couch?! What a waste of time!
3. Any Answers Answered: Work-life balance, what do you do?
4. Share your views: Seasonal excesses, can you keep control?
5. Welcome new members

Editor's note
Should time off for IVF treatment be treated as sick leave or
holiday? Following the phenomenal interest posed by Susan
Preedy's original posting we asked the experts. See their
responses and tell us whether you agree with their guidance
by posting your comments at the bottom of the article.

And if you're off to Harrogate this week for the annual CIPD
conference then don't forget to drop us a line and tell us about
your best freebie finds - day-glo sweat bands here we come!


Annie Hayes MCIPD
mailto:[email protected]

Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

Affiliated Computer Services; Waterman Aspen Ltd; Harrison
Sadler; USBG; Three Hands Ltd; Mercer Human Resource Consulting;
East Ayrshire Council; Penningtons Solicitors LLP; Sanderson
Associates; Legal Services Commission; Glassglobe Ltd; London
borough of Brent; Grove Reed Construction Ltd; Standard Life
Assurance Company; Lewis Silkin; Pro-Natura International; BP

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Any Answers Answered
Catch up on the latest answers supplied by members at 'Any
Answers' and reflect on the issues at hand:

Constructive dismissal?
Emma Paish finds out whether hiring a new starter to perform a
job currently conducted by others would justify a constructive
dismissal claim.

Work-life balance: What do you do?
Deborah receives some pointers on how to balance the scales.

Do we need an HR department?
Nik Kellingley and Ilhama Rahimli get debating.

More than three quarters of your new employees may leave by 2007
Reed Consulting's new report highlights more than three quarters
of employees leave within three years. The CIPD estimate that
the average recruitment and training costs of replacing leavers
is 4,300 pounds, however lost productivity and business
relationships result in higher actual costs. Building a business
case for investment in positive action can often be a
significant challenge.
Find out how to build your case:

Share your views
Catch-up with the latest questions being asked by the community
and add your answers at:

Jerry Hart wants to ensure any seasonal excesses are kept under
control this year. Have you any tips on how to be merry not
sorry this Christmas?

Human Capital Management: What's all the fuss about? Asks Martin

Euphrosene Labon asks for your thoughts on who will benefit from
improved parental rights.

Read all the latest questions and add your own:

Health and Safety Executive - How risky is your business?
People slipping up at work is the most common cause of major
injuries and can prove more costly than you think.
Every year it costs UK employers over 500m pounds!
To help HR Managers advise their employees on minimising the
risk at work, the HSE has put together a variety of tips, tools
and experiences. To visit the resource centre, follow the link:

Members' corner
What's the answer? Is time off for IVF sick leave?
This week Nadia Hoosen, senior solicitor at Clarkslegal LLP and
Helen Badger, an employment law expert at Browne Jacobson
provide advice on whether absence for IVF treatment should be
regarded as sick leave.

The Couch?! What a waste of time!
Apparently most of us are spending up to two days a week in
pointless tasks at work. The Couch?! wants to hear what time
wasters bug you.

Are you a Contractor in the Construction Industry?
If you are, then it's your responsibility to determine the
employment status of your workers. You really need to get your
house in order now. To do so, visit
for further information and help.

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