HR tip: Affair at work

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Question: "One of our female accounts clerks is having an affair with a married colleague. They are often both absent from the section at the same time. We are not happy about this and some of their colleagues have complained to me. What should we do?"

HR Tip:
You are not entitled to act upon your own moral judgments. You may take action only if their behaviour is affecting their work. If, as it seems, they are carrying out their affair in work time by taking time out to meet each other, or are showing amorous affection in the office, you should speak to them both and warn them to stop doing this otherwise you will take disciplinary action against them. Be sure to be even handed, not condemning one over the other. You should tell your staff that the affair is not a workplace management issue. No action may be taken by any authority if they conduct their affair outside work.

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