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Freelancing abroad

18th Oct 2000
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I am a fairly new freelance trainer and management specialist and would like to work overseas, eg America, Europe etc, and would be grateful if anyone can supply me with contacts or details of agencies that can help, or supply work. Also ,anything I need to know to do this?
Any help very much appreciated. Thanks Tom


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By User deleted
23rd Oct 2000 22:44


I would suggest and Both are training organizations in the USA and have job boards consisting of full time and contract work. I have also come across as a source for contractors.

Scott Stein
[email protected]

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By AnonymousUser
24th Oct 2000 10:20

My company PPS Project Specialists Ltd employ trainers for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industry. Our current trainers have process, Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical backgrounds. We have a training centre in the UK and Nigeria, there are also trainers working in Oman,Greece and Qatar at this moment.Check us out on:-
Interested? please send current CV to [email protected]

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