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Appraisals - Definitions of Grades

24th Jan 2001
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Can anyone provide definitions of grades or ratings used within their appraisal system. Want to review what we are currently using which is:

A all agreed objectives fulfilled and in some significant areas performance exceeded
B all agreed objectives and tasks fulfilled
C most of agreed objectives fulfilled - some areas require improvement
D at least half agreed objectives fulfilled and made partial progress toward meeting other objectives
E most of agreed objectives not fulfilled

Collette Noble


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By User deleted
26th Jan 2001 15:03


We use the following formula:
Outstanding Performance significantly exceeds job expectations. Employee provides a model for excellence.

Successful:Performance consistently meets job expectations and performs their job well.

Needs Development:Needs growth and/or improvement. This category is not intended to indicate that an employee's job is in jeopardy. It could mean that someone has a new role within the company, has great potential and needs to develop new skills to succeed. It could also be used to indicate that an employee needs to improve in one aspect of their job to avoid falling into the unacceptable category.

Unacceptable: Performance falls short of acceptable job expectations. This category will be used when an employee’s job is in jeopardy and an action plan for improvement will be implemented with the help of human resources.

We use words rather than numbers or letters. Makes it more personal.

Hope this helps!

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By pgknott
01st Feb 2001 20:09

We used the following scale this year for the first time. We are not entirely sure it is right and will be reviewing for next. I thought I would share it with you anyway so you can decide if it is right or wrong for your situation.

1. Outstanding performance that always exceeds agreed standards and objectives.

2. Excellent job performance that frequently exceeds agreed standards and objectives.

3. Very good performance that regularly exceeds agreed standards and objectives.

4. Good job performance that often meets and occasionally exceeds agreed standards and objectives.

5. Good job performance which meets agreed standards and objectives.

6. Most aspects of job performance are to an acceptable standard.

7. Although most aspects of job performance are to an acceptable standard, some areas require action and training for improvement.

8. Generally acceptable standard of job performance but some areas require action and training for improvement.

9. Standard of job performance is of concern and must be improved upon with guidance and training.

10. Job performance is unacceptable and requires immediate action.

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