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Is Simon Cowell your dream HR director?

11th May 2010
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A poll has revealed that Simon Cowell is the ideal HR director, while Lord Alan Sugar is the dream CEO.

The results are part of a nationwide poll which questioned 1,386 members of the British public to find out which well-known names they would most like to see in roles that are typically found in an office environment.
Lord Alan Sugar is the person that most of the people quizzed thought would be the best CEO, with four in five, 82%, picking him. Of the people polled, 68% picked Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson as the top choice for managing director, closely followed by Apple’s Steve Jobs, with 63% admitting he’d make a good MD.
Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t the only football manager that made it into the office dream team, with Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini being voted the person that the majority, 58%, of people would like to have heading up recruitment. Microsoft chief Bill Gates was the person that most people thought would make the best tech support with three quarters, 74%, of people choosing him.
61% said that they thought that Moss and Roy from comedy show ‘The IT Crowd’ would be ideal candidates for technical support while 82% of the respondents said they thought Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell would be perfect for a career in HR, with half of those saying it was his ruthless manner that would work well in this ‘hiring and firing’ role.
Friends character Monica Gellar was the most popular choice for office manager, handling stationary duty, with 53% of people choosing her.
The man behind the TV show Fonejacker and new show Facejacker, Kayvan Novak was the most popular choice as receptionist, closely followed by Davina McCall, with 42% of votes. Lisette Howlett, managing director of HireScores.com said; “Our fictional office would no doubt be a fantastic place to work – though there may be a few too many egos floating around!”
“The fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has been such a successful manager at Manchester United makes him a great choice for the role of Managing Director, having a proven track record. Seeing as we specialise in recruitment at HireScores.com, allowing users to review and research recruitment agencies across the UK, we’d like to think this dream dozen would help any business run efficiently.”
The dream “work” team based on votes per role is:
CEO – Lord Alan Sugar – 82%
Managing Director – Sir Alex Ferguson – 63%
HR Manager – Simon Cowell – 61%
IT – Bill Gates – 74%
Accounts – Carol Vorderman – 72%
Office manager – Monica Gellar – 53%
Receptionist – Kayvan Novak – 52%
Media Spokesperson – Max Clifford – 51%
Recruitment - Roberto Mancini – 67%
Canteen Chef – Jamie Oliver – 74%
Cleaners – Kim and Aggie – 59%

What do you think? Would you like Simon Cowell managing HR in your organisation? Or do you have another celebrity you'd like to nominate?

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