Gastrozone - Harrogate: Feeling peckish?

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Racking your brains for a suitable restaurant venue in Harrogate? Need a food lovers guide to the best culinary delights in Yorkshire?

HRZone is pleased to introduce Gastrozone. Intended to be the best ever dining guide for the UK's HR community, Gastrozone is a forum where you can share news, views, reviews and recommendations with other food-loving community members.

Lack of time and money constrains the editorial team from wining and dining on your behalf, so we're champing at the bit for your reviews and to mark the CIPD annual conference this week we invite you to share your views on the best and worst eateries around town.

Awaken your inner Egon Ronay - become a Gastrozone contributor, (do, please, refresh your knowledge of English libel law first!). And we'll even award a prize to the best reviewer of the year.

This is not just about self-indulgence. HR professionals constantly find themselves meeting clients and contacts over lunch. Finding the right venue, at the right price, is always a challenge and one where HRZone members can help each other out by sharing their suggestions.

To participate in the collaborative Gastrozone review process simply post a comment below:


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By patward
4th Nov 2004 15:15

I would agree that Bettys is worth a trip - depending as you say Sarah on whether you can get in!

However, on another note I wonder if anyone can give me some suggestions for a Christmas party venue in London, preferably in the West End area - there are 30 of us and it will be in the evening - the company are paying but we don't want to blow the budget all together!

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By patward
1st Nov 2004 13:55

We tried to get in when we were at the CIPD conference last week but the queue was so long we gave up. We ended up gorging on an M&S sandwich - most disappointing - would love to hear from anyone that made it in!

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