Workers yearn for an afternoon nap

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Staff are least productive between 3pm and 4pm and believe a Spanish style siesta would help them to recover from post-lunch sluggishness.

These are the findings from the latest survey by employment law firm, Peninsula.

According to their research nine out of ten workers yearn for an afternoon nap, 81% put their tiredness down to ‘over work’.

Mornings come out on top as the most productive time with 10am to 11am cited by 71% as their best period for work.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula referred to the problem as ‘plaguing’ the UK workforce and said it was a ‘thorn’ in the side of employees and employers, preventing them from getting on:

”The figures gathered from the poll indicate that tiredness is affecting over 8 in 10 employees in the UK and this is an extraordinary figure when we look at the diversity of the employees polled from a diverse range of industries. There should be great concern for employers who have employees operating heavy machinery or operating in a workplace where 100% concentration is critical.

“It is these firms which need to try and incorporate new techniques in combating the problem. If the problem is ignored this could find a business involved in many accidents and the consequences of which could be very serious and land the employer into trouble. Additionally stress can be a cause of tiredness, so it’s important for the employee to regularly monitor the situation and to ensure that employees are not overworked.”


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