Workers are ‘faking it’

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‘Faking it’ a survey published by HR consultancy DDI, says that workers are playing a part to fit into corporate expectations forcing them to hide their true personalities.

Almost half (45%) admit to leaving part of their true selves at home when they leave for work in the morning while a third (31%) said they are ‘playing a part’ in the office in order to fit in and 30% saying they feel under pressure to ‘conform to the corporate mould.’

A quarter of respondents said much of this stems from employers who employ ‘clones’ or a particular ‘type’ triggering feelings of conformity.

This is particularly worrying for employers as the research suggests that employees who feel comfortable to be themselves at work are on average four times more likely to be motivated in their job than those that do not.

The problems aren’t only associated with workers but also managers. Forty per cent said they feel they have to put on an ‘acceptable face’ in front of their team with almost a third (32%) saying that being professional all the time hides their true selves while just over a quarter (28%) say the trappings of their job make it difficult for them to relax in front of those who they manage.

Steve Newhall, Managing Director of DDI Europe said:

“This isn’t surprising. Words like ‘passion’, ‘drive’ and ‘energy’ are often used in discussions about performance at work, but these qualities are unlikely to show up in people who are holding back and not giving their all. Employers need to think about the innovation that’s lost, the ideas that are stifled, the relationships that don’t flourish, and focus their leaders’ energy on building the trust on which these things depend.”

Over 1000 workers were surveyed.


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