HR Tip - Fixing holidays

25th Feb 2004

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Q: Are we entitled to fix holidays for our employees rather than let them take them when they choose?

A: You certainly can fix as many of the holidays as you wish for new employees, provided that you give them at least the statutory four weeks off.

You should give them notice at least equal to the length of holiday you want them to take, though you would be wise to set and publish these dates at the beginning of each year.

Existing employees are a different matter. If their contract allows them to take holidays when they choose, albeit with a degree of management control to avoid everyone being off at the same time, then you would need to agree the change with them.

Ideally you should do this by agreement, possibly in return for some benefit, such as a pay increase. You are in a stronger position if traditionally you do exercise a strong degree of control over holiday timing or if you normally do close down for a long break at Christmas, but even so you would be advised to seek agreement with your employees for this change to their terms and conditions of employment.

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By AnonymousUser
05th Aug 2004 10:55

Does anyone know if employers are obliged to provide written feedback on interviews?

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