HR 'job for life' … is no longer

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A job for life is now a thing of the past with over half of HR professionals now expecting to become ‘serial careerists’.

These are the claims from recruitment and HR consultants, Hudson.

According to their survey, most professionals working in the field expect it to be a short to medium-term career option. A huge 79% say they are planning to move on from HR in the years to come.

Other key findings include:

  • 57% expect to undertake freelance or contract work
  • 50% expect interim recruitment to become increasingly common
  • a mere 21% expect to remain in HR for the rest of their career
  • 46% are not concerned about loyalty to their employer

Despite these findings, 67% believe that the function will grow in importance. Half expect a position at a senior or board level at some point in their career and over two thirds (69%) expect HR professionals to play a crucial role in driving up their company's employee satisfaction levels.

Cash is still king for HR professionals according to the report with most citing it as the most important factor in job choice. Despite the rankings, however, nearly one in two said they would opt for a sabbatical over a cash bonus while over two thirds believe that quality of life is more important than careers with 69% claiming they work to live rather than the other way around.

Mark Carriban, Managing Director at Hudson commented: "It's worrying that so many HR professionals are considering how they exit the profession, particularly when HR is beginning to be recognised for the impact it can make on business performance. For some employers, however, it seems to be a case of too little too late. They would do well to recognise that HR needs a proper seat at the boardroom table, particularly if they are to halt the flow of HR talent into contract work or out of the sector altogether."

More than 2500 HR professionals were quizzed for the survey.


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