Fewer than half of HR professionals have employee engagement strategy

Jamie Lawrence
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These findings come from an employee engagement survey from HR software company Youforce.

While 79 percent of HR professionals say engagement is a high priority, 41 percent don’t have an employment engagement strategy in place.

Almost a third (30 percent) of those that do have a strategy say it improves employee performance, while 13 percent claim it improves employee retention.

The top two drivers of employee engagement were identified as corporate culture and recognition, followed by career progression and opportunities, learning and training.

Senior management buy-in was identified as a stumbling block around employee engagement, as well as the need for HR directors to build business case for how engagement will improve productivity.

Gaining the trust of employees in times when radical changes – such as redundancies – are necessary was also identified as difficult.

Lee Grant, VP International at Youforce, comments: “Our research shows that employee engagement is the current big challenge for HR professionals as it is linked in to so many areas of the HR function. While this is seen as the responsibility of HR, it is something that should be taken on by all employees.

“Creating the enabler for employee engagement is the hardest part of the process. Having the right HR systems and technology will provide the detailed insight into the workforce that will allow HR departments to develop an employee engagement strategy that will look after employees and help become more efficient.”

About Jamie Lawrence

About Jamie Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence is editor of global online HR publication and community HRZone.com. He is committed to driving forward the HR agenda and making sure that HR directors have the knowledge and insight necessary to make HR felt across the whole organisation. He regularly speaks to audiences of 250+ and has interviewed key HR industry names, including Daniel H. Pink. He has worked previously as a small business journalist and a copywriter and has published non-fiction that reached #2 on the NYT Children's Bestseller List. In his spare time Jamie likes writing fiction, films, fitness and eating out.


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2nd May 2013 11:58

There is enough evidence now that engagement and productivity are linked and that employees' engagement is impacted by the quality of their immediate manager. Often the issue is there is no real plan to ensure managers change their behaviour and even if there is that the right behaviour is changed. Neuroscience, the science of how the brain works is throwing light on this area you may find this video interesting. It summerises the neuroscience behind engagement and the implications for manager and leaders. http://www.headheartbrain.com/the-latest-engagement-2/

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6th Apr 2014 17:02

Here's some indepth insight on cultivating and authentic, sustainable Employee Engagement Strategy: http://alchemyengagement.com/employee-engagement-powerpoint-presentation...

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