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Exclusive video interview: Chester Elton

23rd Jan 2009
Share this content exclusively interviewed motivational expert Chester Elton, best-selling author and vice president of O.C. Tanner Ltd, at the HR Directors' Business Summit in Birmingham this week. In this video, he shares with us his thoughts on the burning issues in HR today, including the challenges that HR faces over the next five years and how HR departments can play an instrumental part in building a culture of innovation in the workplace.

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By dw_smith
27th Jan 2009 20:56

Any HR Director who needed to be told this ought not to be a director. HR has failed people - evidence ? levels of bullying - levels of absence - consistently poor record of development - stuck in the ages of 'training' - punishing by rewards - gender discrimination need I go on ?
Who was the clever one at the Business summit well yesterday Mr Elton might well be laughing all the way to the bank - today 'who knows'

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