European Safety Week - combatting stress and bullying

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The week beginning Monday 14th October is European Safety Week. The theme for this year is work-related stress.

Tuesday 15th October has been declared Ban Bullying Day by Amicus, The Work Foundation, The Andrea Adams Trust and IRS Eclipse Publications.

Amicus National Secretary Chris Ball said, "The purpose of Ban Bullying Day is to raise awareness of bullying and its terrible consequences throughout workplaces up and down the country, where it might have occurred or might occur in the future. Frankly, this includes pretty well everywhere! We want to encourage everyone to express their displeasure and abhorrence with bullying and we want to encourage companies to adopt anti-bullying policies. We will be sending out materials in an anti-bullying pack which we believe will have a good shelf life and will be able to be used for some time beyond the week, to assist in discussions and solutions to bullying at work."

You can find out more on stress at work from the Health and Safety Foundation and teh European Agancy for Safety and Health at Work.


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