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Do transformational leaders make you sick?

30th Oct 2018
Adults Viewing Data on a Large Display Screen
Adults Viewing Data on a Large Display Screen

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Transformational leaders communicate a clear positive vision for their teams and offer a way forward, they walk the walk and talk the talk and display desirable values, and they function as role models. Transformational leaders challenge existing mindsets and encourage their employees to engage in independent decision-making.

Finally, transformational leaders act as mentors and coaches and help employees reach their full potential.

The basic tenet of transformational leadership is that such leaders encourage employees to “perform above and beyond the call of duty” and to “sacrifice their own self-interests for the betterment of the group”.

Is transformational leadership always a good thing?

We know from the stress literature that high levels of activation can lead to poor high and wellbeing.

This poses the question whether transformational leaders who encourage their followers to perform above and beyond the call of duty and to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the group can have a negative impact on employees’ health over time?

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