Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Diversity, multitasking and why disruptive tech needs a reality check

14th Oct 2016

Welcome to another one of our Coffee Break round-ups, where we'll be listing our favourite bits of news and opinion from across the HR world, like this piece earlier in the week about what it's like to work in the UK for international employees (TLDR: we drink a lot, and the tea round is fraught with politics and shame).

Tell us what you think about the articles we've shared, or feel free to tell us what you've enjoyed reading in the comments below.


- Why agile doesn't work for large projects (Stuart Hamilton, LinkedIn)

- Why the best work gets done with people you enjoy being around (Inc)

- Why no one should multitask, and how I finally stopped (Mashable)


- As work changes, leadership development has to keep up (HBR)

- 50 questions on the future of work (David D'Souza)

- Diversity is more than numbers (Culture Consultancy)

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- The robots we've long imagined are finally here (Singularity Hub)

- Collective intelligence is here and it's terrifying (Donald Clark)


- Why the cult of disruptive HR technology needs a reality check (Barry Flack, LinkedIn)

- 100+ HR technologies worth watching in Q4 2016 (Recruiting Daily)

- Is stupidity a dangerous side effect of big-data-driven AI? (Forbes)

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