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Offices, unpredictable bosses and reinventing work for the future

20th Jan 2017
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Here is your weekly list of news, opinion and interesting blogs from across the HR world, selected by us over the past few days. Enjoy it over your morning cuppa, or on your evening commute.

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Family Friendly

Stop the parental equality sticky plasters! (Wild Fig Solutions)

- When I grow up, I want to be a gig worker (Spend Matters)

Having children carries big pay penalty, says think tank (BBC News)

- Reinventing work for the future (Coppola Comment)


- Apple hires Director of Artificial Intelligence to ramp up AI recruitment (Buzzfeed)

- The business impact of candidate experience (Digitalist)

- How LinkedIn's HR Chief is changing the diversity conversation with 'belonging' (LinkedIn)

- Does your company need a Chief Diversity Officer? (LaunchPad)


- 6 do's and don'ts when creating a self-managing organisation (Corporate Rebels)

- The 'work from home' dream doesn't work (Backchannel)

- The world's most innovative countries in 5 charts (Raconteur)

- Scrap your work from home policy (Pam Ross, LinkedIn)


- How to deal with a boss who behaves unpredictably (Harvard Business Review)

- An HR career is not for 'nice' people (Brian Walker, LinkedIn)

- What we learned about management in 2016 (Harvard Business Review)

- The journey to HRD: reflections and suggestions (HR Director)

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