Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Recruitment fixes, happy workplaces and the taboo of salaries

15th Apr 2016
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We've spent another week sifting through the mountain of HR articles and blogs to find the best nuggets for you to read over your lunch break or morning coffee.

Let us know what you think, or if you have any other articles to recommend!

Changing leadership

Good leaders don't just pay lip service to transparency; they live it (Forbes)

- Trust me, I'm a CEO: What do leaders need to shape success? (Deloitte Blog)

- HR's gold rush to digitise, unfiy and extend HR (Grant McNulty, LinkedIn)

- What Google learned from its quest to build the perfect team (NY Times)

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Rethink recruitment

- Are 76% of resumes really thrown out for being 'too unprofessional'? (Resume Crusade)

- 12 recruiting stats that will change the way you hire (Undercover Recruiter)

Recruiting strategies for a tight talent market (HBR)

The talent you're looking for doesn't have a resume (Digitalist)

- Why do hiring managers rarely offer explanations to rejected candidates? (Mashable)

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A better workplace

- The happy secret to better work (TED Talks)

- The rise of work chat anti-hype (Stowe Boyd)

- Is your culture just a suggestion? (Talent Management)

- What a Harvard study can tell us about getting better work from our employees (Business Insider)

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A question of money

- Should people be paid based on their value to the organisation? (Fistful of Talent)

- Why I give my employees $1,000 to do (almost) anything they want (Entrepeneur)

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