Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Long hours, office trends and the stress of employee engagement

7th Oct 2016
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We've spent another week sifting through HR articles and blogs to find the best nuggets for you to read over your your morning coffee or afternoon break.

Let us know what you think of the articles we#ve shared, or what you've enjoyed reading this week in the comments below.

Future work

The future of work: it’s already here… and not as scary as you think (Josh Bersin)

We need more jobs but less work to deal with new technology (The Guardian)

Podcast: AI and Jobs - What is the Future of Work? (Good Practice)


- How the best retail leaders empower their employees (Excellence in Retail blog)

- Here's why recognition is the key to employee engagement (Inc)

'Talent retention' problems? Hint: your culture is broken (Forbes)

- The stress of employee engagement (Jasmine Gartner, LinkedIn)

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- Behind the people strategy that turned Commvault around (Inside HR)

- The importance of succession planning in the financial services sector (Core HR)

- What losing theee co-founders taught me about hiring (BusinessZone)

- Follow these 5 misguided office design trends and you'll soon reget it (Inc)


Think working long hours is a good thing? This is why you’re wrong (World Economic Forum)

- You don't have to be stupid to work here, but it helps (Aeon)

In offices of the future, sensors may track your every move – even in the bathroom (The Guardian)


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