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Coffee Break: Internships, workers rights and the link between sleep quality & success

25th Jul 2016
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Time to get up to speed with the week's HR going-on - take a look through our handy round up of  news and opinion, and as ever feel free to let us know what you think in the comments!


Recruiting Gen Z: 'It's like Tinder, but instead of a date you get a job' (The Guardian)

Can we replace LinkedIn? (Fistful of Talent)

Are unpaid internships still legal? Why the law is fuzzier than ever (Fast Company)

- The cult of agency recruitment bashing on LinkedIn (Undercover Recruiter)

Policy & legal

How we rewrote our company’s mental health policy (HBR)

Drivers battle Uber over employment rights (BBC News)

Jobs boom for self-employed revives fears for workers' rights (The Guardian)

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The actual link between quality sleep and success (Inc)

- Before and After my Internship (Good Practice)

The future of learning for our careers is up to us (Jeff Selingo, LinkedIn)


BA crew threaten industrial action over ‘HR fantasy project’ (CIPD)

How to create a corporate culture that champions a team of equals (Mashable)

How the concept of "Purpose" can make a huge difference in attracting talent (Jonathan Campbell, LinkedIn)

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