Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Fun Fridays, productivity & the benefits of a younger workforce

16th May 2016
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I hope you're sitting comfortably, because we've got the latest round up of HR news, opinion and research for you to peruse over your morning coffee or lunchtime break.

Let us know what you've enjoyed reading this week, or what you think of any of the articles we've shared below. Enjoy!

Diversity & Support

- Gender pay gap reporting: Making meaning of mandate (Phase3 blog)

- Making the business case for diversity & engagement (Jasmine Gartner, LinkedIn)

- How crafting a parental leave policy taught my company to delegate (Fast Company)

Happy offices

- How embracing routine could make you happier at work (Guardian)

- How to make Fridays more fun at work (WeSpire blog)

- Disengaged employee? Why don't you pay them to quit? (Forbes)

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Readjusting recruitment

- Productivity might be up as hiring intentions down (City AM)

- How do you train new recruitment consultants? (Elevated Recruitment blog)

- Reduce the age of your workforce to get more fresh ideas (Civil Society)


- Seven steps to turn around a broken HR department (Tim Sackett)

- You can be successful working fewer than 50 hours per week (Fortune)

- Meeting the challenges of International HCM (Enterprise Times)

- Stop trying to disrupt stuff and get business-as-usual right (Talent Vanguard)


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