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Coffee Break: CVs, HR business partners and millennial misconceptions

2nd Dec 2016
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- Robots and automation may not take your job after all (HBR)

Why companies are struggling to engage their workforce in Future of Digital Work (Jeremy Scrivens, LinkedIn)

HR Tech 2016 round up – 12 vendors you need to know (Diginomica)

- Wearable technology at work: why HR needs to get involved (CIPD)


70% of UK firms to focus on innovation following Brexit vote (Sky News)

- The limitations fo employer branding (Ian Buckingham, LinkedIn)

David D’Souza; “Kindness is not a word we normally use…” (HR Natalie)

Would somebody please kill the HR Business Partner? (Tom Rommens, LinkedIn)


- CVs do still have a place in recruitment, say recruiters (On Rec)

- Infographic: The hard truth about workplace diversity (elearning infographics)

- Recruitment industry will die in 2018 (Oleg Vishnepolsky, LinkedIn)

- Something weird happens to companies when they hit 150 people (Quartz)


- Why professionals do things counter to their professional beliefs (The Oxford Review)

- The science of gratitude and why it's important in your workplace (Fast Company)

- Leaders: don't be 'they' (David D'Souza, LinkedIn)

- What you think about millennials is wrong (The Washington Post)

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By Michael24
05th Jan 2017 14:18

Some really interesting articles here, i am not to sure technology will match humans for recruitment because it misses the crucial personability recruitment offers.

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