Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Co-working, CV photos, and the case for a three day week

21st Apr 2016

It's that time of the week already, where we fill your proverbial cup with a generous helping of news, opinion and general tidbits from across the online HR world.

Let us know what you've found interesting this week - or if you have any thoughts on the posts we've shared!


- Should you include a photo on your resume? (HR Bartender)

- A tongue-in-cheek look at attracting the top talent (The Cooper Review)

- Is reservation about an employee a deal breaker? (Mashable)

- Abolish the job description! (Dr Tim Baker, LinkedIn)

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Be a good boss

- Why I'll never put my customers first (Fast Company)

- An open letter to my boss (Cake HR)

- So you have a diversityy policy, wow! (Ian Buckingham, LinkedIn)

Team work & culture

- After years of research, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice (Quartz)

- Where startups lead, corporates follow; why co-working is the future (The Guardian)

- How to assess how your employees are feeling; no survey required (HR Gem blog)

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Work is changing

- Why we seem to be talking more and working less (Digital Tonto)

- Three day working week 'optimal for over-40s' (BBC News)

And as a bonus treat, here is something that's entertained us this week - 10 Tricks to Appear Smarter in Meetings, from The Cooper Review. Enjoy!

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