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Automation, data science and rigid workplaces

16th Jan 2017
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A hearty welcome to our latest round up of HR news, opinion, research and assorted blogs. This week we're putting a tech slant on our selection of articles, looking at how technology is changing the workplace, and how HR can help businesses adapt.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared below, and don't forget to share what you've enjoyed reading this week too!


- Integration in the HRIS market: why I don't shop at Tesco (Kate Wadia, LinkedIn)

Technology, the world of work and humans (The Future of Work is Human)

- HR is moving from people science to data science (HR Bartender)


- Why social media is shaping the future of work (Talent Culture)

- Volume liberalism and the demise of the dial (Perry Timms)

- How Microsoft and LinkedIn plan to change the way the world works (Inc)

World of work

- Japanese white-collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence (Quartz)

- Workers feel trapped by “rigid” workplaces (Personnel Today)

- Why we need to have a new discussion about HR (Dirk Verburg, LinkedIn)


- Age of automation: what if more work is the problem, not the solution? (The Guardian)

Harnessing automation for a future that works (McKinsey & Company)

- 3 ways tech is disrupting the HR industry (Inc)

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By BrianMCD
20th Jan 2017 11:49

Thanks, some nice reads, not a new feature but here at we enjoyed this Forbes article which is a long read but gives a lot of food for thought on the digital HR landscape.

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Replying to BrianMCD:
Shonette new
By Shonette
20th Jan 2017 14:58

Thanks Brian - I'll have a read through that now, and will probably include it in next week's round up!

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