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Coffee break: Resilience, unconscious bias and rigging your performance review

17th Jun 2016
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- What do women's career paths really look like? (HBR)

- The business benefits of early intervention (Unum)

- Why is resilience so important for HR professionals? (CIPD)

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61% see improved performance through investment in workplace culture (Employee Benefits)

Rigging your review: this works and it shouldn’t (David D'Souza)

- Why blended learning can help train your employees (Digitalist)


Is politics the enemy of internal communication? No, it's essential (Mike Klein, LinkedIn)

- Should millenials be sharing their salary information with coworkers? (Forbes)

How to really embed your business’ vision into its everyday culture (BusinessZone)


- One in three employees don't trust their employer (All Things IC)

How Leaders At Google, BuzzFeed, And More Make Decisions (Fast Company)

Unconscious Bias; from the Classroom to the Boardroom (Suran Dickson, LinkedIn)

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