The changing face of rewards and recognition

Employee rewards and recognition do more than just drive performance – they feed directly into your organisation’s culture, helping to enhance employee wellbeing and create a sense of ‘belonging’. 

This year in particular has seen a fundamental shift in the way we work and, as we all acclimatise to our new ways of working, reward and recognition strategies will need to adapt to these changes. 

In this hub, brought to you by HRZone and Tesco For Business, we’ve collated expert guidance and insights to help you refresh and refine your approach to employee rewards and recognition. 

Male worker share good news with multiracial colleagues in shared workplace, diverse employees scream with happiness excited with corporate success or goal achievement, team celebrating win
6th Oct 2020
Beautiful afro american young woman using a digital tablet in an office, receiving good news, smiling. Close up of face.
6th Oct 2020