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Through offering breakfast briefings, dinner events, live and on-demand webinars and podcasts, HRZone Connect events give organisations the opportunity to step into their buyers' worlds, teach them something they don’t know and position their business as a potential solution to a specific business need. 
By sponsoring an HRZone Connect event, vendors become a source of insight to help their buyers solve the business challenges they’re facing right now and get the results they need. 
Vendors hosting a breakfast briefing or dinner event are given the opportunity to put their sales team in the same room as potential buyers and influencers, through which they will gain unique insight into the challenges they can help overcome, connect their product or service to these challenges and start to build meaningful relationships. 

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Join the growing list of companies who are using HRZone Connect events to get in front of their buyers and their trusted team of influencers:

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Sponsoring HRZone Connect events enables your prospective customers to:


Expert opinion

Glean insight and trends from industry luminaries, with practical takeaways to all the key challenges affecting your role

Fresh ideas

Share and debate the topic at hand with roundtable discussions and ample networking opportunities

Great venues

Enjoy striking venues in central London and the rest of the UK

Valuable contacts

Make new, relevant connections with industry and job function leaders who share HR related obstacles similar to yours

Latest content

Receive the latest resources and thought leadership related to your role, from the HRZone editorial team

Food for thought

Tuck into a complimentary breakfast or dinner to fuel the brain as you power through topical presentations and breakout discussions

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For more infornation, speak to someone on the HRZone team to discuss your specific needs, email us at [email protected] or call us on 0117 321 8514.