Jessica Leigh Jones MBE and Tom de Vall, iungo Solutions Limited

iungo Solutions Ltd
iungo Solutions Ltd

This new kid on the block really wowed our judges with their innovative and cutting-edge approach to learning and development. iungo encouraged their employees to invest in themselves through their ‘Everyone is an Apprentice’ and ‘Portfolio Career’ programmes, and were deserving winners of the 2021 Culture Pioneer of Learning award.

To help achieve its mission to improve social mobility through providing personalised career pathways, iungo solutions has worked hard to build learning and development into its core cultural foundations.

As a new tech start-up founded in 2020, founders Jessica Leigh Jones MBE and Tom de Vall knew they had to offer something unique to compete for talent against larger organisations. As such, they took the initiative to create a stand-out employer value proposition centred upon learning and progression.

“We combine human resources thought leadership with purposeful learning and development to create a safe and inclusive environment in which people can be authentic, creative lifelong learners,” says Jessica.

The start-up launched a pioneering policy ‘Everyone is an Apprentice’, which enables all employees to invest in themselves with an apprenticeship.

Not only does this send a clear message that colleagues at all levels have the opportunity to build their capabilities and confidence, but it’s also helping to change the perception of apprenticeships and demonstrate their effectiveness in boosting social mobility. 

Based on employee feedback, the company is now also enabling portfolio careers to help their people fulfil their broader professional objectives. “We believe that supporting our employees to develop portfolio careers – rather than prohibiting them as in many corporate employment contracts – will help them to develop their skills, improve their employee experience, and make them more likely to stay and give their all to our mission,” says Jessica. 

The introduction of both programmes, together with the wider push for creating a learning environment within iungo is reinforced by the employees themselves. The company runs anonymous surveys 2-3 times a week (76% average response rate), with the results showing that 80% of those surveyed consider learning opportunities at iungo to be excellent, with 100% stating that they are extremely excited about the future of the company.  

What our judges thought

"One thing that stood out about iungo was that they give employees permission to have a portfolio career. That is a bold commitment to learning. It's a bold commitment to individuals. It's a bold commitment to the organisation and to the organisation's future."

Laura Overton, Culture Pioneers Judge, award winning industry analyst and CoFounder of Emerging Stronger

“We were really blown away by this entry, which is why iungo is the winner of this year’s Culture Pioneer of Learning Award. I'm glad Jessica and Tom are sharing what they are doing with the wider world as many will be inspired.”

Blaire Palmer, Culture Pioneers Judge and CEO of That People Thing

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