What is Behavioural Competency?

Behavioural Competency definition

Behavioural competencies help define an individual’s behavioural strengths that could predict future successes in the workplace. Employers often look for specific competencies for certain roles e.g. telephone confidence is more important for sales roles. They should make a list of required competencies before interviewing candidates and can then judge candidates against the competencies highlighted as key.

Behavioural competencies often fall into different categories based on different tenets of workplace success:

  • People-based behaviours: shows respect for others, interpersonal skills, understands others’ viewpoints, accepts/provides constructive criticism
  • Success-based behaviours: makes positive decisions, takes responsibility for actions, communicates with colleagues, organises time effectively
  • Managerial-based behaviours: encourages staff to achieve their best, motivates rather than drains, tries to achieve a diverse workforce