Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Robot workers, feedback fear and the end of the office dress code

27th May 2016
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The end of the week is nigh, and we think it's time you make yourself a brew, put your feet up, and have a read through our picks of the week's best HR news, opinion and tidbits.

Let us know what you think, and what you've enjoyed reading this week!


- Managers beware: busyness isn't always good for business (Guardian)

- Why you're having a hard time with your millenial employees - and what to do about it (Forbes)

- The end of the office dress code (New York Times)

- A manager's job is making sure employees have a life outside work (HBR)

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- Why career goals are important (and how to help your staff achieve them) (CMI)

- Why we're so afraid of feedback (TLNT)

- Would you be willing to pay for interview feedback? (Tim Sackett)

- How to remove biases in perfomance reviews (Tiny Pulse)


- Wearable tech: a powerful HR tool (Entrepeneur)

- How to future-proof your business (TechRadar Pro)

- Mastercard & Pizza Hut Asia try robotic commerce (ZDNet)

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