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Coffee Break: Dress code, employee perks and the case for changing your job title

29th Jul 2016
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We've spent another week sifting through the mountain of HR articles and blogs to find the best nuggets for you to read over your lunch break or morning coffee.

Let us know what you think, or if you have any other articles to recommend!


- For employee retention, there's no place like home (Fortune)

- 20 quirky UK employee perks & benefits (Glassdoor)

- The incalculable value of finding a job you love (New York Times)


- This happens when you change your job title in 'CEO Shell' (Robbrecht van Amerongen, LinkedIn)

- Why I'll never be a manager again (Forbes)

- HRDs as board members: pros and cons (New to HR)

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Policy & legal

Why Disney fired (then quickly rehired) a young intern over a single tweet (Inc)

Deliveroo workers' contracts ban access to employment tribunals (The Guardian)

Interns fired after proposing 'more flexible dress code' (HR Grapevine)

What Brexit may mean for U.S. companies with overseas workers (Eremedia)

Tech & Social

The future of HR is Open Source (David Green, LinkedIn)

- How technology disrupted the truth (The Guardian)

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