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Coffee Break: Commuting, HR Tech & million dollar mission statements

10th Jun 2016
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Another week has gone by, and so here we are to bring you the latest round-up of HR news, opinion and assorted bits and bobs from across the internet.

Let us know what you've enjoyed reading this week, and what you think of the articles we've shared below!


- How to wrtie a million dollar mission statement (Inc)

- How business leaders understand purpose reveals a lot about corporate America (Huffington Post)

- Retail CEOs: Your customers are 85% women, so where are your women leaders? (Stephen Newton, LinkedIn)


- Employee flexibility: why aren't they happy? (Switch and Shift)

- Do your employees hate their jobs? (SHRM)

- Why the future office will be as much about fun as work (BBC News)

- Work is work, so stop with the fiction (Eremedia)

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Changing HR

- Bye bye, Human Resources? (Ben Whitter, LinkedIn)

- Recruiting is a team sport (Tim Sackett)

- Impact of the selfie generation on HR technology (Jason Averbook, LinkedIn)

- HR technologies to watch, Q2 2016 (William Tincup, LinkedIn)


- How to have an honest conversation about job satisfaction with your boss (Mashable)

- How far is too far? The distance workers commute to cities (Guardian)

- The future of jobs: 5 options everyone must consider (Forbes)

- The proposed 'right to disconnect' after work is welcome, but not enough (The Conversation)

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