Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Brand engagement, exit surveys and the fall of holocracy

20th May 2016
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Welcome to another Friday Coffee Break round up, where we top up your glass with a generous splash of news, opinion and general tidbits from across the online HR world.

Let us know what you've found interesting this week - or if you have any thoughts on the posts we've shared!

Leadership & development

- How a radical 'self-management' shift left Zappos reeling (Fortune)

- If managers aren't engaged, do you think workers are? (CIO)

- 10 things your employees aren't telling you (Business 2 Community)

- Liberty or freedom: the employee's choice (Felix Wetzel, LinkedIn)

Motivation and engagement

Who is responsible for a healthy home workplace? (Sydney Morning Herald)

- The real reason you never feel motivated at work (Fortune)

Be on the radar at work (Psychologies)

- The real reason to care about employee engagement (Forbes)

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Recruitment & Brand

- Ethnic minority workers with degrees 2.5x more likely to be unemployed (HR Review)

- Google HR: Stop asking candidates about their current salary (Inc)

- What is the real character of your brand? (Hilton Barbour, LinkedIn)

- The first 90 days: getting off on the right foot (SmartBlog on Leadership)

A better workplace

- Disabled employee dismissed for outburst over wheelchair access (CIPD)

- Why you need to stop pretending your exit survey is useful (TLNT)

- Men with children earn 21% more than childless men (HR Review)

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