10 things you didn’t know about engagement

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  1. Despite engagement being firmly established in HR circles and endorsed at government level, there is still no universally agreed definition.
  2. Engagement is an output – one of the key drivers is trust.
  3. Only around 1/3rd of employees say they are engaged, putting the UK 9th out of the world’s twelfth largest economies (based on GDP).
  4. HR metrics such as employee turnover, absenteeism, etc. are being increasingly sought after  by investors when assessing the value of an organisation.
  5. While engagement needs ownership and commitment from the top, some of the best ideas and initiatives will come from front-line employees and teams. 
  6. It’s not what you do so much as how  you do it.
  7. Disengaged staff are a by-product of poor management.
  8. The oldest staff are usually very engaged.  If they’re not, there’s something wrong.
  9. If you want staff to stay engaged during change, communicate, communicate, communicate!  You can’t over-communicate when you’re changing things. 
  10. If you break a promise don’t be surprised if people stop trusting you.  Actions have consequences.

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