An introduction to Scientific People Analytics for HR

This four-part series, written by Dr Max Blumberg, Visiting Professor, Leeds University Business School and Founder of Blumberg Partnership, explores how and why Scientific People Analytics (SPA) is beneficial to businesses. Part 1 of the series provides a rationale for using SPA. Part 2 explains why SPA is useful for supporting human capital decisions made by organisational managers. Part 3 presents a methodology for deploying scientific people analytics, and Part 4 compares scientific people analytics to non-scientific people analytics approaches.

Business meeting
20th Jun 2018
This article is the first in a four-part series explaining how to implement Scientific People Analytics (SPA). SPA is the application of...
Joining two pieces of a puzzle
26th Jun 2018
This article is the second in a four-part series exploring how Scientific People Analytics (SPA) can be used to support human capital...
Business meeting on people processes
27th Jul 2018
In the third article of this four-part series , Dr Max Blumberg explores how Scientific People Analytics (SPA) can be used to support human...
How does SPA compare to other analytics approaches?
24th Sep 2018
In the final article of this four-part series, Dr Max Blumberg compares the Scientific People Analytics (SPA) to other commonly used people...