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All Hands on Tech podcast: The power of organisational culture

Episode two of HRZone's All Hands on Tech podcast – Helping HR professionals navigate through the evolving HR technology space to create more meaningful, engaging and productive workplaces.

21st Aug 2019
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The issue of workplace culture is turning heads among the C-suite. But why is it deemed more important than ever before? And are businesses today ready to adopt culture 2.0?

This second episode of HRZone's All Hands on Tech podcast (now also available to listen to on Spotify) focuses on the rising significance of company culture and what makes some of the most high-performing workplace cultures thrive.

Diving deep into this topic is our host Dr Max Blumberg and guest Thomas Davies, Founder of cultural analytics company Temporall and a previous leader in the cloud division of Google.

To give you a flavour of the discussion, Max and Thomas explore:

  • How organisational culture has evolved over the past decade
  • Why cultural insights are often the top priority for the C-Suite today
  • What the key ingredient is for developing a high-performing business culture
  • How we can measure culture through using the right data and technology

Listen to the podcast today to better understand how organisational insights can steer the direction of your company culture. 

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Thomas Davies Max Blumberg Becky Norman

Thomas Davies
Founder & CEO

Dr Max Blumberg
Blumberg Partnership
Becky Norman



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